ApplesA highway rollover involving an apple-laden semitrailer truck indirectly caused another accident involving two cars and a motorcycle in Spanish Fork.

According to the KSL news report, the driver of the semi-trailer truck suffered minor injuries after the truck carrying 60,000 pounds of apples rolled over in an attempt to negotiate a curve too quickly, leading to U.S. 6, exit 257, from I-15. The truck tipped to its right side and was laid across the three lanes on the state road closing the off ramp for three hours.

The second accident happened in the traffic that accumulated due to the rollover accident. It was reported that a fast moving passenger car attempting to change lanes hit a motorcycle. The car’s side bumper hit the motorcycle causing it to crash against another car that was stopped due to the traffic. The motorcyclist landed on the roadway and lost his helmet as a result of the impact. Police said he suffered a compound fracture to his right leg, abrasions, and head injuries.

He was flown by a helicopter to a nearby hospital and was reported to be in serious but stable condition as of Saturday night.

Utah Highway Patrol cautions motorists to always watch out for motorcyclists on the road. They are often hard to spot but they are there as road users too. Everybody is encouraged to share the road in order to avoid accidents such as this.

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Original article by David Self Newlin of News

Photo courtesy of Minnemom