firefighterThousands  of riders flooded Ogden streets Saturday to support the creation of the National Firefighter Memorial.

This was the 10th annual ride on behalf of the memorial. The memorial looks to support the firefighters who leave their families, their warm beds, and personal endeavors to protect and help those who need services.  While the event participants also paid their respects to the firefighters who have lost their lives, many were also in attendance to raise money for what they hope to create in the near future, a national memorial in Ogden.

Creator of the ride and memorial concept, Mike Leatham has worked diligently to put together this extensive project which consists of more than 12,000 names and 5,000 bricks sold at $100 dollars to support the memorial.  The project has yet to be finished, but it was enough for all those in support to take a moment to recognize these great figures within out society, both alive and passed on. Several police departments and their motorcyclists came out to support, along with the traditional  fire engines; citing the bond between the police departments and the fire stations as one, only understandable to those within the service.

Other motorcycle enthusiasts also turned out to support the cause, forcing several popular streets to be shut down. Motorcycles these days seem to play a more active role in participation on our roadways. As more people become addicted to the wind in your hair feel over their four wheeled monstrosities; a reason why organized rides have become more popular in the recent years. Along with these organized rides, comes the conscious effort for safety, as motorcycles are also representing a larger percent of accidents on the road.  Cars seem to fail to see these vehicles, causing severe harm and disarray to both riders in many instances.

If you have been harmed while on your motorcycle, or in some other aspect, we at Christensen and Hymas, want to provide you with the services to remedy this disarray in a respectful and confidential manner.

We also, would like to pay our respects to our firefighters. We honor and respect the wonderful service they provide us each and every day.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.