A fact that most motorists would not recognize and certainly not care to admit is that 80% of multi-vehicle accidents involving a motorcyclist are not the fault of the rider. Regardless of this fact, motorcyclists are continually stereotyped against, perhaps as many incorrectly associate the choice to ride a bike, and thus put oneself greater in harm’s way, as being responsible for the accident. In truth, because motorcycles are smaller than vehicles and thus are less obvious to a driver’s eye, common occurrences such as changing lanes can become fatal situations, most often for the innocent motorcyclist. In seeking to protect motorcyclists, we work to encourage bikers to do all they can to protect themselves against the increasingly unwary and distracted driver.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Advocate for Constant Vigilance

According to the Hurt Report, which has been called “the most comprehensive motorcycle safety study of the 20th century,” 92% of those involved in motorcycle accidents were either self-taught or taught by friends or family. The statistics show that when you choose to take motorcycle training into your own hands, you are less inclined to know how to react when a driver chooses to put your safety at risk.

Formal motorcycle training serves to help bikers react instinctively in perilous road situations. Although this is not a requirement by law in order to get motorcycle license, the advantages are many. The most important by-product of a formal training course is the know-how that will allow motorcycle drivers, who are certainly more susceptible to greater harm in the event of an accident, to react well and thus ensure their own safety. Besides this, by taking a formal motorcycle training the riding portion of your licensing exam is usually waived by the Driver License Division, insurance companies will usually provide you a better rate, and there are even some motorcycle manufacturers that will help you pay the cost of the course. Regardless, the cost of such of a course is minimal in comparison to the amount of physical and emotional heartache that can ensue following a terrible accident.

The motorcycle accident lawyers at the Christensen Law Firm acknowledge that in the majority of circumstances motorcyclists are not at fault, and thus deserve compensation in the event of an accident in which the negligence of another has caused them harm. We understand the law and how it affects you, and will provide compassionate legal service at your time of need. Call a Utah personal injury attorney at Christensen Law Firm at (801) 506-0800 for a free consultation.