motorcycle crashKSL reports that on Sunday, May 26th, a man riding a motorcycle on Highway 189 in Provo Canyon died when his motorcycle laid down. A Chevy Blazer, which pulled into the right lane, in front of the motorcycle, was preparing to make a U turn. The motorcycle went down after hitting the SUV’s bumper. The man riding the motorcycle, who was not wearing a helmet, died. His 12-year-old son was also riding on the motorcycle and was rushed to a local hospital; he was wearing a helmet and his injuries are not life threatening.

Although helmet use is not required for persons over 18 in Utah (Utah Bike Law), it is strongly encouraged. Wearing or not wearing a helmet can be the difference between life and death.

A study done by IHS tracked the history of helmet use in a number of states. The study showed that deaths and brain injuries dramatically decreased when helmet laws covering all riders were enacted, and significantly rose again when those states repealed the laws.

For example, in California, in 1992, a helmet law was passed that covered all riders. Helmet use jumped from 50 percent to 90 percent after the law was passed, and motorcyclist fatalities decreased by 37 percent.

Photo courtesy of Jason Bain.