Krista AccidentA mother, identified by the article as Krista Turner of Eagle Mountain, recalled how seat belts saved her and her children from fatal harm last January 23. According to the article, the day started as usual with the family having their prayer led by Krista Turner and her 10-year-old daughter, McKenna, joined by her husband via phone from his work. Krista Turner stated that she had many things to do that day. She had a carpool to drive, a 3-month-old baby to feed, visiting teaching to do, and a snack to bring to her daughter’s kindergarten class. To complicate things further, her oldest daughter had a sore throat and would need to see a doctor.

Krista spent the day accomplishing her tasks and was glad that her oldest daughter tested negative for strep throat. With her three children buckled in her car, the article stated that Krista Turner began drive home to Eagle Mountain on westbound state Route 73.

According to Krista, she was surprised that there were no cars around her when she knew for a fact that the road was well-traveled. Krista said that she had a bad feeling about the empty road and then noticed a white car in the eastbound lanes.  The article stated that the white car started to curve into the middle turning lane. The article added that Krista completely expected the car to correct its course, but the car just kept coming at a fast rate.

The article disclosed that Krista’s car skid and rolled nearly 1,000 feet before landing upside down. It was also disclosed that immediately after the crash, witnesses stopped to help the family out of the vehicle, and emergency help soon arrived.

Because all of the occupants of the car were wearing seat belts, the extent of the family’s injuries include a gash to the back of Krista’s head, a deep wound in Andrew’s foot, and minor scratches on McKenna’s hands. Krista declared that by wearing seat belts properly, they were spared from more damaging harm that day.

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Original article by Arianne Brown, KSL contributor.

Image courtesy of KSL.