Michael JacksonA few years ago, we all remember when the news came that pop idol Michael Jackson had died. The famous and tragic death came about because of the insomnia medication he was taking. The doctor who prescribed the powerful anesthetic, Dr. Conrad Murray, is currently serving a prison sentence for involuntary manslaughter. Jackson’s family is now bringing a case against concert promoter AEG Live, claiming a wrongful death. AEG will argue that Jackson’s death was his own fault, whereas his family will claim that the company was responsible for hiring Dr. Murray.

There is evidence of Michael’s own drug abuse, and his awareness as a grown adult. Also, that the doctor was chosen by Michael himself, was his longtime physician, and could have been fired at will by the singer. There is also evidence that AEG was negligent in hiring, because they should have predicted Murray would use dangerous drugs.

The date the claim will go to court has not yet been publicized, but it will be a very interesting case.

A Wrongful Death claim can be viable if a company or party is believed to have been negligent to the point of causing death. If he, she, or it should be held liable for a death, typically the family of the deceased will bring the claim.

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Image courtesy of Francesco