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Surgical Errors Leading to Malpractice

Data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics show that approximately 50% of medical malpractice lawsuits are against surgeons. Surgical errors occur when the surgeon or the surgical staff fails to exercise due care and demonstrate the required skill in performing surgeries. While these are often associated with the difficulty of a procedure, errors still occur even when performing routine surgeries and even under the guidance of experienced surgeons. This may be caused by a number of other factors such as inattentiveness, fatigue, poor pre-operative planning, miscommunication, or pure negligence.

Many Factors Can Lead to Medical Malpractice in Surgery

Among the most common errors that occur during the surgery include errors involving anesthesia, the use of unsanitary surgical tools, wrong incision type, organ punctures, wrong site surgery, delayed surgery, prolonged surgery, severing a nerve, causing internal bleeding, using the incorrect procedure, leaving foreign objects or surgical equipment (such as stitches and sponges) in the patient’s body, excessive scarring, burns, and transfusing blood from the wrong or an improper donor.  Post-surgery errors include substandard monitoring of patient recovery. These errors not only cause delayed healing, but can also cause other severe consequences such as internal bleeding, pressure sores, drug reactions, respiratory instability, cardiovascular complications, blood clot formation, and healing complications. Disabilities of a permanent nature may also be caused. Surgical errors are most common in childbirth, cardiothoracic operation, thoracic surgery, laparoscopic surgery and plastic surgery.

You may want to share with a Rhode Island medical malpractice lawyer

For a medical malpractice lawsuit, it may be important to prove that the surgeon or healthcare professional has been negligent during or after the surgery, and that an actual injury or damage has been caused by the surgical error. A surgeon may be negligent if it is proved that no reasonable doctor would have acted the same way under the same circumstances.

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