55-year-old Kathy Whitaker is still recovering from serious back injury at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center following a car accident that occurred on Monday, April 5, 2010. Her spinal cord injuries include broken vertebrae and multiple disc bulges.

What Caused this Utah Auto Accident?

According to Sanpete County Investigators, Ms. Whitaker was driving about 40 mph in a school zone when she drove through 100 feet of chain link fencing in front of Manti Elementary and ended up on the yard of a neighboring home. The police officers confirm that Ms. Whitaker was not under the influence or impaired in anyway and they believe that it is quite likely that her gas pedal stuck.

According to Ms. Whitaker, when she realized that she couldn’t stop or slow down she turned onto the grass to purposely avoid any collisions with vehicles or pedestrians. She told KSL news reporters that she just kept praying out loud that her car would stop. Fortunately, the accident occurred early in the morning when children had not yet begun to walk to school. Only the driver was injured in this runaway car accident.

Liability Issues

Liability on behalf of the manufacturer is likely to be a tricky issue here. Toyota listed the 2009-2010 RAV 4s as having sticking accelerator pedals and has since recalled these models. Ms. Whitaker’s vehicle was a 2006 RAV 4 Model and has not been recalled. Further investigation into the 2006 models and motor vehicle accident is needed to assess whether the manufacturer is liable for the injuries Ms. Whitaker sustained.

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