Man’s #1 Best Friend Leads Authorities to Owner’s Fatal Accident SiteAccording to The Miami Herald, a German shepherd named Simon, found limping on the side of the road by local firefighters, has proven both loyal and heroic.  After following the dog for a quarter of a mile, firefighters came upon an accident where Simon’s owner lay fatally injured.  Once Simon arrived at the scene of the fatal accident, he licked his owner and jumped into the vehicle.  It was apparent to the firefighters that Simon was out seeking for help.  Though fatal accidents occur daily throughout our country, it is amazing that this animal could sense the need his owner had in that moment, and went to seek help. Though it was too late, the dog’s actions prove heroic and commendable.  Our condolences go out to the family of the victim. Dogs are great and popular pets, mainly because they are one of the most loyal creatures a human could actually bond with on an emotional level.  Simon makes for a great example of the emotional intelligence of a canine and the good it can do for its owner.  His owner was found solely on the good efforts of Simon leading help to the accident site.