Zion National ParkA West Jordan man who was seriously injured in a biking accident was reported to be among a group of eight people who opted to bike illegally through a tunnel. This group of cyclists is part of a group composed of twelve people. According to the report, they were in Zion’s National Park last Friday when they were supposed to be shuttled through the Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel as part of the park’s policy. Allegedly, instead of using the shuttle, these eight people decided to use their bicycles to navigate through the tunnel. The group entered the tunnel around 4:30 p.m. Friday. The report also stated that there were two minors among this group of cyclists.

One of the cyclists told officials that the accident happened as they rounded a corner. It was pitch black in the tunnel and only two of the cyclists had lights. They saw the 51 year old man just lying there after his bike crashed. The cyclist added that he went back to the mouth of the tunnel to inform incoming traffic about the crash. He added that he does not want anybody else to get hurt and admitted that what they did was stupid. He concluded that they have learned their lesson and will have to pay the price.

In the report, officials stated that it is illegal to bicycle through the 1.1 mile-long tunnel due to safety reasons. It was also disclosed that park rangers issued violation notices to the group. The current condition of the injured cyclist is unknown.

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Original article by Mark Green of Fox13