truck accidentAccording to a report, a series of bizarre events that happened in a single night ended up in the death of a man allegedly responsible for stealing and wrecking three trucks. These trucks were from homes located along a four-mile stretch of the Old River Road north of Duchesne.

The man’s body beside a destroyed truck was reported to police authorities by a motorist who spotted it.

Utah Highway Patrol Lt. Jeff Chugg told media that the man had been ejected after the truck went off 23000 West in a place known locally as Blacktail Dugway Road. Authorities said that it rolled 200 feet down the hillside.

Authorities said it took a while to sort out the whole thing. As the investigation progressed, a man reported that his truck was stolen and that stolen truck was the one destroyed and found near the dead man.

Two other trucks were also reported stolen, all of which sustained some sort of damage. The first truck was abandoned after the man crashed it into a roadside irrigation canal. That crash site was less than a quarter-mile from where the man attempted to steal the second truck. This truck got stuck in the ditch while leaving the residence.

Allegedly the man went on to steal the third truck which later crashed in Blacktail Dugway Road.

Alcohol was found to be a factor in these accidents.

Authorities found out that a party was held near the place and someone wanted to leave and went to get a ride.

All three trucks allegedly stolen from the owners’ houses were found unlocked and their keys left inside the trucks.

Authorities said the identity of the dead man was established by people who went to notify the police about a missing person. Positive identity will be established first before the family of the dead man will be notified, authorities added.

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