A 49 year old man attempting to cross 4000 West at 4215 South about 7:30 p.m. was reported to be struck by an oncoming vehicle.  According to West Valley police, the driver of the vehicle that hit the man immediately stopped, called 911, and checked on the victim.

The report added that several other motorists stopped to render assistance and used their vehicles in an attempt to block the road. Police stated that two other vehicles traveling north on 4000 West drove around the scene and ran over the victim as he lay in the street. The report described the vehicles that ran over the man as one being small and light-colored and the other was possibly a darker-colored SUV.

The victim sustained numerous broken bones but was reported to be in stable condition.

It was disclosed that West Valley City Police Department is asking anyone with information on the incident to contact the authorities at 801-840-4000.

This incident is a reminder for pedestrians to be careful as they cross the streets and use designated places as much as possible. Motorists are likewise encourage by Christensen & Hymas to pay extra attention on the road and be on the lookout for pedestrians and cyclists. Avoid distracted and impaired driving as these driving conditions would make you more at risks for accidents. If you happen to be involved in an accident, stay on the scene and do not leave until police arrive. Leaving the scene of the accident when you are directly involved is illegal.

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Original article by Morgan Jacobsen of KSL