MalamuteA 7-year-old girl from Clinton is recovering following a dog attack that occurred on Sunday. Makayla Craig hopped the fence into her neighbor’s yard to collect a personal item when she was attacked by her neighbor’s Malamute. She suffered a torn lip, which required stitches, as well as multiple scrapes, cuts and bites. “We’ve known the dog ever since he was a puppy… It doesn’t make any sense that he would attack me,” KSL reports Makayla as saying.

We hope for a full recovery for young Makayla, and that the emotional scarring of the event will disappear with the physical wounds.

This encounter serves as a sad reminder: Dogs are not humans, and cannot be regarded as rational creatures. Just because they have acted one way in the past does not mean they will act, or react, that same way again. Though Makayla’s family does not intend to seek compensation for the wounds received, it is important to understand that close ties with the dog’s owner should not prevent you from seeking compensation, should you need it. Choose to see your actions as imperative to your medical and financial wellbeing rather than as a direct attack against the dog’s owner. Contact a Utah dog bite lawyer at Christensen & Hymas today: (801) 506-0800.