A 21-year old motorcyclist was saved Monday morning after onlookers pulled him from beneath a burning car. Brandon Wright was unable to stop his bike after a BMW sedan pulled out in front of him on a busy street, forcing him to lay down his motorcycle and landing him beneath the vehicle. Both car and bike caught flame, pinning the young man. A group of construction workers and students, aware of the situation, crowded around one side of the vehicle, lifted it, and pulled the cyclist out from under the car. As of Monday evening, the man was listed in critical condition and is being treated at the Intermountain Medical Center.

We hope for a swift recovery for Mr. Wright. We especially applaud the courage and swift action of the watchful bystanders, whose actions saved this young man’s life. They risked their own lives and safety, subjected not only to the burning car they lifted, but also to the burning bike whose explosion threatened to coincide with the explosion of the vehicle.

Motorcycles and the Law

In such accidents, motorcyclists almost always receive the brunt of the damage. 75% of motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle, usually a car, and one need not guess which party receives the greatest injury. Motorcyclists are also 30 times more likely to die as a result of an accident than drivers of other vehicles.

Furthermore, as proved by this particular case, fault is no respecter of persons. Although Mr. Wright was likely not at fault in this particular instance, he certainly received the greater injury. Motorcyclists are always the party at greatest risk, thus they must find ways to protect themselves, both through helmet use and following recommended motorcycle safety courses. Motorcyclists must be proactive in the pursuit of greater safety, and be constantly vigilant while riding on commercial roads.

Motorcycle Expertise

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