lake powellSix deaths within 10 days in June, making a total of 10 since October is the reported statistics for Lake Powell.

Chris Weaver and Pat Horning of the Lake Powell Dive Team have a lot to say about the behavior of the people who are doing recreational activities on the lake. These are the guys tasked to recover dead bodies from the lake, respond to distress call and go around reminding people on some safety issues. According to the pair, people are not aware that operating a boat requires skills and adherence to safety measures. At one time, they saw a boat with children and one young girl was lying in the bow where a wake and a wave could easily make her fall into the water with the possibility of being run over by the boat.

They also mentioned one deadly accident wherein a man fell from his boat when it hit a rock. The man was killed when the boat ran over him.

What concerned authorities at Lake Powell are the crazy stunts done by people and uploaded at YouTube. Some of these stunts were actually prohibited long ago but people still do them and the resulting consequences are sometimes fatal.

Weaver and Horning added that they wish people would use good sense and obey all rules at all times.

Lake Powell Safety Rules according to Denise Shultz of the National Park Service are the following:

  • Cliff jumping/diving is prohibited over 15 feet
  • Fly board/water jet pack: Legal, if used with good sound judgement and due care.
  • Manta ray/kite rubes: Prohibited
  • Zip-lining: Prohibited
  • Rope swinging: Not prohibited, however there are restrictions on climbing and rappelling as well as drilling bolts and creating a hazardous condition. This activity can be stopped and appropriate enforcement action can be taken depending on the circumstances.

Christensen & Hymas appreciates the efforts done by Lake Powell authorities and reminds people that rules are imposed for protection. Deaths can be avoided by following rules and using safety measures always.

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Photo courtesy of Moyan Brenn.