Last week, 18-year-old Keri Houston was pinned between her parked car and an oncoming vehicle. Witnesses Jason Hollobaugh and Robert Stoney ran out to help after hearing sounds from the crash and the victim’s screams. Stoney said, “Her leg was all but completely off in two places.” Luckily he had received first-aid training in Marine recruit bootcamp. Even though that was ten years ago, he knew what to do, “Resort the breathing. Stop the bleeding. Protect the wound.” He used his belt as a tourniquet to stop th blood pumping from Houston’s damaged leg, while Hollobaugh tried to calm her fears.

Houston is in critical condition at Intermountain Medical Center.

Currently in police custody, is the man who was accused of hitting Houston, Jake Antonio Arrats. After he hit bystander Houston, he drove away, almost 300 feet down the street, where he crashed into a chain-link fence in the front yard of a house.

There is suspicion of alcohol and/or drug involvement, but Arrats was being negligent in another way. As he was driving, he received and responded to a text message. His phone read, “ha ha” before the crash occurred.

27-year-old Arrats was initially arrested for investigation of┬áDUI, texting and driving, no insurance and never having obtained a driver’s license. Had Jason Hollobaugh and Robert Stoney not helped Houston before the ambulance arrived, Arrats most likely would have been charged with automobile homicide.

We sincerely hope Keri Houston makes a full recovery soon. To her friends and family, here at Christensen & Hymas, our hearts go out to you.