courtroomThe ABC4’s eport says four teenagers, including the newly crowned Miss Riverton, were arrested and are facing serious felony charges for allegedly throwing incendiary devices at people and houses.

The Unified Fire Authority was alerted by numerous calls late Friday night about loud explosions. Investigators found out that those explosions were from chemical reaction bombs made from household items.

According to the report, the four teenagers were allegedly responsible for the explosions.

The report further stated that Kendra Gill, Miss Riverton 2013, Shanna Smith, Bryce Stone and John Reagh were arrested on ten class one felony charges Saturday morning.

Captain Clint Mecham of the Unified Fire Authority disclosed that there were about ten separate incidents Friday night into Saturday morning, but no one was reported injured. He added that the devices causing the explosion can damage property and can also maim and kill individuals if they come in close proximity to them. Apparently these arrested individuals were throwing them at various people and property throughout Riverton said Captain Mecham.

The case has been turned over to the district attorney’s office for review. In addition, Gill could face further consequences. Gretchen Jensen, host of Good Things Utah and former Miss USA, stated as opinion that Gill should not keep her title since she is not a good role model. Beauty titlists are considered Ambassadors of Goodwill and expected to demonstrate ideal behavior.

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Original article by ABC4.

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