pit bullA 6-year-old boy identified as Juan Castillo Argumedo was reported to be recovering from the injuries sustained during a pit bull attack November 17. He has undergone three surgeries to repair the damage to his face and leg. The boy was also bitten in the chest and belly.

The report stated that the boy and his friend were walking through a neighboring yard when he was bit by the pit bull on the leg. The pit bull was also attacking the boy in the face while his friend pulled at the dog’s collar to get it off Argumedo. His grandfather arrived and hit the dog ending it’s attack.

It was also disclosed that stitches were removed from his face and he did not suffer any infection. His doctors considered it a miracle that the boy stayed healthy and was able to bounce back. After the surgeries, the boy has to stay at home to fully recover. It was also reported that his mother has to stop working to be able to take care of Juan full time. His teachers from Dixie Sun Elementary in St. George, Utah often drop by his house to teach him so that he will not be totally left behind by his classmates.

His father Silvano Castillo is thankful that his boy is recovering well and is in a cheerful mood despite the trauma he has been through. He recalled seeing his wife’s face turning white upon seeing the damage on their son’s leg. He is also thankful that friends and neighbors are helping them cope with the incident. Donations poured out to help with the surgeries and therapy.

The report added that as of the moment, no formal charges were brought against the pit bull owner. The dog is held under quarantine by the animal control officers. Police said it will be up to the animal control office to issue a citation.

Christensen & Hymas is glad that the boy is doing well. We would like to encourage dog owners to take extra precaution with their dogs, especially pit bulls. Children are often the object of pit bull attacks and no child deserves such a traumatic experience.

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Original article by Associated Press and ksl.com

Image (not of mentioned pit bull) courtesy of Wikipedia