huskyAccording to a report given by Deseret News, a young girl and her family from South Ogden were visiting relatives in Clearfield when the incident happened at about 8:20 a.m. Sunday at 2268 S. 300 W.

A neighbor who happened to witness the incident told authorities that the visiting family made a little campground in the relative’s backyard. Allegedly, the little girl woke up earlier than anyone else and climbed over the three-and-a-half foot fence into the yard directly south of the residence. A 3-year-old Siberian Husky that was in the neighbor’s backyard grabbed her by the neck.

Her relatives, hearing screams, ran outside to see what was happening and saw that the dog had the girl by her throat, dragging and shaking her around the yard. Her uncle jumped over the fence and was able to release the girl from the dog.

Her relatives rushed her to the hospital and called 911 on the way. The report disclosed that Davis County Sheriff’s deputies and paramedics met the family halfway and then transported her by ambulance to Davis Hospital before a medical helicopter took her to Primary Children’s Medical Center.

The report added that the girl suffered serious neck injuries.

Another neighbor, identified as Shelby Parker, disclosed that the relatives told her the girl is listed in critical condition and apparently has lost a lot of blood. However, the Clearfield Police Department said the injuries did not appear to be life-threatening.

The girl’s relatives declined to give comments except to say that the young girl is hospitalized and it is believed that she will pull through. The owner of the dog also declined to give comments.

The article indicated that several neighbors told the Deseret News that they often saw the dog in the backyard but did not observe it acting aggressively toward anyone.

Davis County Animal Services told police that the family who owns the Husky agreed to have the dog euthanized. The dog is now in the possession of Animal Control pending an investigation.

Christensen & Hymas wishes for a quick recovery for the girl injured. Strange dogs can be unpredictable – especially around children – and it is best to exercise care around them. Even docile dogs can attack if they feel threatened on their territory. Never enter a strange dog’s yard.

It is also important to remember that any breed of dog can be dangerous, and dog owners need to take responsibility for their dogs and train them properly to avoid situations like this. But again, dogs can feel threatened in their own territory, even if properly trained, so care needs to be taken by both the dog owners and the people approaching a dog.

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Original article by Pat Reavy of Deseret News.

Photo courtesy of Helgi.