reduce speedTwo people were reported hospitalized and listed in critical condition after a high speed crash Monday.

Murray Police Lt. Doug Roberts said that the injured were in a silver BMW headed south on State Street and traveling well above the 45 mph speed limit. The BMW then hit another car that turned left in front of them.

Roberts added that the force of collision caused the BMW to spin out and hit a parked car and a pole on the side of the street. The driver in the second car was not significantly injured and the parked car was empty.

The report stated that the crash occurred about 8:30 p.m. near 4800 South. The lanes were closed in both directions for more than an hour as investigators reviewed and cleared the scene.

Roberts stated that there was no clear evidence confirming this could have been caused by intoxication; however, investigators are trying to determine how fast the BMW was going when it crashed to help piece together the scene.

Christensen& Hymas hopes for a quick recovery for those involved in this accident. We would like to remind all motorists to drive safe and not to speed. Utah Department of Public Safety reported in 2012, that Utah has had a steady decline in the fatal crash rates over the last 40 years. Speed was a factor in 42% of fatal accidents. Road safety requires the cooperation of all road-users and by consistently adhering to traffic rules, fatal accidents can be reduced further; creating a safer road for all motorist.

Christensen & Hymas advocates road safety and just compensation. If you have suffered injuries as a result of someone’s recklessness, you can claim compensation to cover the cost of your injuries. Call us at (801)-506-0800 for a free consultation.

Original article by McKenzie Romero of Deseret News

Image courtesy of Wikimedia