John Buckjohn buck, catcher for the Toronto Blue Jays of the MLB, confirmed that he and his family are returning to Salt Lake City, Utah, for medical treatment following a car accident that occurred on Friday, March 26, 2010 in Florida.

What Caused this Accident?

John Buck’s wife, also a Utah native, was driving the family SUV with her twin boys and mother as passengers. An older woman reportedly ran a red light at the intersection and t-boned the Buck family. The impact of the car accident was so violent that the Buck family SUV was pushed into the intersection light pole, smashing the entire front of the SUV and deploying the air bags. John Buck’s SUV has been deemed a total loss.

Fortunately, Mr. Buck’s 22-month-old twin sons were properly restrained in their car seats. However, the toddlers suffered multiple burns from their car seat belts. John Buck’s mother-in-law, who was the front seat passenger, suffered whiplash and other minor injuries in this car accident. John Buck’s wife, Brooke, was the most seriously injured as she sustained a separated shoulder and separated elbow that will require surgery. The family plans to return to their home in Salt Lake City, Utah, for medical treatment and to be closer to their extended families.

Hiring an Experienced Utah Personal Injury Attorney

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