head injury In previous posts, I have written about the dangers associated with recreational activities, with regards to head trauma.  I have also written on memory and how both short- and long-term memory are affected when head trauma occurs.  Today, I would like to write about the power to think clearly and what thinking does for us on a daily basis, and how we often take it for granted until that power is taken away.  If the power to think is ever taken, a traumatic brain injury attorney may be needed

The power to think is vital to living a full and prolific life.  It allows us to work and play.  Thinking allows us to understand the world around us.  When we think through problems we are confronted with, we understand life on a deeper and more intimate level.  This same deeper level of understanding comes from writing and reading.  The power to connect thoughts and ideas that are employed in writing and reading is so vital to a prosperous life that when that power is taken away, the result is a complete loss of the ability to provide for self and others.

If the power to think were ever diminished, life would soon ebb and cease to be meaningful.  Our power to provide for ourselves and those we love would ultimately be wiped away to nihil.  Losing the power to think clearly is a serious threat when brain injuries occur.

Brain trauma can hinder the power to think.  The power to think can be altered to such a degree that simple tasks are made difficult.  The ability to be coherent and articulate speech comes from the mind.  If you or someone you know has suffered a blow to the head, or has gotten their “bell rung,” first, get medical attention, and second, get a traumatic brain injury attorney.

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