Traffic accident_car and truck_police officerYesterday around 2:15 pm, Taylorsville police responded to a report of an assault where a gun might have been involved. The man allegedly involved in the assault, left with a possibly stolen gray Dodge pickup truck.

The truck was seen at 3900 West and 5400 South, the license plates confirmed the vehicle was stolen. Police followed into a Little Ceasars parking lot at 3950 W and 5400 S.

An officer parked in the stall behind the driver, in an attempt to take him into custody. At this point, the driver, 49-year-old Guy Lauritzen, consciously began backing out of the parking stall. Lt. Justin Hoyal of the UPD said the officer tried to stop him by performing a pit maneuver, but the maneuver failed. “The suspect then pulled out and rammed on of or police cars at a high rate of speed,” said Hoyal.

Three officers were able to box him in, and bring him to a stop. However, as the officers were trying to take Lauritzen into custody, his Rottweiler dog jumped and aggressively came charging at the officers. The policemen being attacked attempted to kick the dog away, but it aggressively continued, and they were forced to shoot the dog on the scene.

The man was arrested on suspicion of multiple felonies, including, assault and fleeing, aggravated assault on a police officer, and possession of  a stolen vehicle.

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Image courtesy of ksl news