343px--Beware_of_carbon_monoxide-_-_NARA_-_513966An elementary school identified by report as Montezuma Creek Elementary School, was evacuated because of a carbon monoxide leak Monday.

San Juan County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release that said dispatchers were informed through a 911 call stating that students were dizzy and sick.

An estimated 280 students were in attendance that day, as reported by San Juan District School officials. Emergency personnel from Montezuma Creek, Bluff, Monticello, Blanding and Navajo Nation arrived at the school where 30 students and teachers were given priority for medical treatment. It was reported that two patients, one student and one adult, were taken by helicopter to an area hospital.

The report disclosed that twenty-three other patients, a mix of students and adults, were also taken to area hospitals. Other students who were evacuated were released to their parents and legal guardians after medical personnel were able to confirm their safety.

The leak was traced by school maintenance workers to a water heater and exhaust system inside the school.  The report added that the classes at Montezuma Creek Elementary School were expected to resume Tuesday.

Christensen & Hymas hopes for the quick recovery for those who are in the hospital after this incident. We are grateful for the quick action of school authorities and response of emergency teams that enabled affected people to be given immediate medical attention.

Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas because it has no color and odor. People who inhaled carbon monoxide exhibit symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and weakness. Inhaling carbon monoxide can cause sudden illness and even death. A carbon monoxide detector is ideal to immediately know the presence of gas leak. We encourage everyone to be extra careful, especially now that  winter is here and there is an increase in the use of heating systems that can sometimes omit poisonous gasses.

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Original article by David Wells of Fox 13

Image courtesy of Wikimedia