Car  propane tanker collide  1 in serious condition   ksl.comIn West Jordan, Utah this past Saturday, a fuel tanker and a passenger car collided. The small vehicle’s driver was left with serious injuries. Around 8:45 am, a Toyota Avalon was turning left into a McDonald’s restaurant parking lot around 7800 South and 1800 West. A tanker hauling propane was coming the opposite direction and the two crashed. The truck rolled, and this iWitness photo shows it on it’s side:

The driver of the Avalon was transported to an area hospital via helicopter, as he was in serious condition, but he is now expected to survive. The truck driver had only minor injuries. The West Jordan Police reported that some of the propane from the truck had leaked onto the road. The fuel company had to empty the entire tank before they could tow the large truck. The road was closed to do so, but was quickly and efficiently reopened.

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Image courtesy of ksl news