Fire spreads from one house to another  2 families displaced   ksl.comIt seems fires have been a big issue in Utah lately. Yesterday in Millcreek, two families were evacuated from their homes as a fire spread form one to another on Thursday morning.

The fire was reported at 12:30 am when the first owner called 911, with news that his carport was on hire. The fire quickly got out of control. Capt. Clint Mccham of the United Fire Authority said, “While (crews) were in the process of making their initial attack, the fire spread both directions, and spread into the house associated with the carport as well as a neighboring house”

Other alarms were sent out, calling upon resources from all over the Salt Lake Vallely. The story from said, “Within minutes, 63 engines, ladder trucks, ambulances, and police officers arrived on scene and 75 firefighters attacked the spreading flames.”

One house had been the home of Robert Ferris and his wife for more than 40 years. But they were both happy and lucky to escape with their lives. They became aware of the rapidly-spreading flames when their chihuahuas started barking. When they heard the explosion of the neighbor’s carport catching fire, they quickly grabbed their dogs and ran outside.

It took almost an hour to completely dispel the flames. They estimated $150,000 damage to one home, and $250,000 damage to the second. Neither family was able to return home.

Luckily no one got seriously injured.

There is still an investigation pending as to the cause of the fire.

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