An intersection accident occurred Monday night in Salt Lake City when a man crossed the street without waiting for the light and was struck by a vehicle. The pedestrian, believed to a Swedish tourist, did not have the right of way while crossing at 500 S and 200 W and received serious injuries to his head and leg. The man lost but regained consciousness at the scene of the accident and was transported to the hospital in critical condition; he is expected to fully recover. He was accompanied by another male, who managed to jump back and elude the oncoming vehicle.

Intersection Accidents and Pedestrians

While it is currently unknown why this particular individual chose to cross when he did this is an important time for drivers and pedestrians to remember their obligations.  The Utah Driver Handbook states that,”Pedestrians have the right-of-way at intersections, whether or not the crosswalks are marked by painted white lines.  You [the driver] must yield when a pedestrian is on or near the half of the roadway you are traveling. The law requires that drivers do everything possible to keep from hitting pedestrians” (pg. 35).

The handbook also states that if there are signals indicating to WALK or DON’T WALK , pedestrians must obey the signals (pg. 36). As in this particular accident, intersection accidents involving pedestrians can occur when he/she fails to yield to the proper hand signals. Drivers need to be aware of their obligation to constantly be on the look out for pedestrians when in an area where cross walks are present.  Likewise, pedestrians must be aware of their obligation to follow signals and make themselves as visible as possible when crossing the street.

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