bike chainA cycling accident happened Monday that claimed the life of Eric Scott Anderson, 24 of West Jordan. According to the news report, Anderson was riding his bike down Old Main Hill when he hit a slack line. Allegedly the rope was tied between two trees and used by people to balance and walk across for recreation.

Utah State University spokesman Tim Vitale said Anderson was riding down runs east to west, and the slack line, which was strung at about chest height, was also running east to west.

Vitale added that Anderson hit the rope at an angle. He described the accident as a very unfortunate meeting of two events.

The article also added statements from Vitale saying that USU is a school that attracts students who enjoy outdoor activities and adventures. USU provides these opportunities for students. Vitale also stated that it is not how the first day of school should go. Anderson was a music major who played the trumpet.

Another USU student identified as Blake DeVries called the accident tragic and unfortunate. He believed that it could have happened to anybody and even to him since he rides his bike all the time.

Moreover, USU President Stan Albrecht released a statement expressing condolences to Anderson’s family and friends. He describes the accident as an extremely tragic event and he offered the university‚Äôs sincerest condolences to the family and to all the young people who were involved in the accident. He described Anderson as a young man who was incredibly lively, dynamic and well-loved. He added that Anderson had also a lot of friends.

Christensen & Hymas offer our condolences to the Anderson family. We understand it is very difficult to suddenly lose someone you love to an accident.

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Original article by Emilee Eagar of Deseret News.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Parks.