skid marksKSL reports that a motorcyclist slammed into a semitrailer at freeway speeds at around 10 pm Tuesday. The motorcyclist was traveling along the Mountain View Corridor in West Jordan when he apparently ran a red light and hit the trailer, throwing him from his motorcycle. After the impact the 26-year-old man got up and walked away. Police found him wandering around a mile from the scene.

The man was flown to a local hospital, but amazingly had no life threatening injuries. It has not been reported if he was wearing a helmet. West Jordan Lt. Joe Monson said that the police are not sure why the man walked away, but think that alcohol may have been involved. He also said that the 26-year-old will face hit-and-run charges and a possible DUI.

We at Christensen and Hymas are grateful that this accident didn’t prove fatal or result in serious injuries, but are also aware of the life threatening risks of driving under the influence. We have handled many such cases and have seen first hand the devastating consequences that follow this choice. Please don’t drink and drive. When you do, not only do you endanger yourself, you endanger the innocent lives around you. Your life will never be the same if you injure or kill someone while under the influence.

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Photo courtesy of Newsbie Pix.