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A man suspected to be driving under the influence of alcohol allegedly hit and dragged a phone pole, and as a result made a mess as he fled from the police on 4500 South. The car used by the suspect was reported stolen. The accident was reported to have occurred late Sunday night on 4500 South near 1500 East. Police authorities stated that the driver then turned around and drove the other direction on 4500 South, dragging the mess from the telephone pole along with him.

Police disclosed that the car stalled several blocks away and for no apparent reason the man used a rock he took from inside the car to break the car’s passenger side window. The suspect then crawled out from the car through the window he had smashed open.

The report added that an officer spotted the suspect and chased him for nearly two blocks before using a Taser on him. Officers upon investigation found out that the driver’s side door was not damaged and could have been used. They do not know the reasons why the suspect had to break the passenger side window in order to get out from the car.

The suspect identified as Richard Messina, could now face charges of resisting arrest, DUI, driving a stolen vehicle and hit-and-run. 4500 South was closed for several hours to allow crews to clean up the mess.

Christensen & Hymas is glad that no one was injured in this accident. Sometimes the unexplained behavior of a person behind the wheel can have disastrous consequences.

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