A man involved in an accident on Monday near Parowan, Utah was reportedly flown to a hospital in critical condition.

According to the report the man was driving a pickup truck that was headed northbound on I-15 when it veered into the median side of a lane occupied by Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Ryan Bauer’s patrol vehicle and a wrecker. UHP Sgt. Todd Royce said that Bauer was investigating a previous crash that had taken place near Parowan.

Royce stated that the pickup side-swiped Bauer’s car along the passenger side then hit the tilt bed of the wrecker, which caused the pickup to roll several times until it came to a halt in the median. The driver was critically injured with severe head trauma. Royce said he was flown via helicopter to a Salt Lake City hospital.

The report added that Royce said alcohol appeared to be a factor in the crash. UHP Sgt. Ryan Bauer was inside the patrol car at the time of the crash but was not seriously injured.

Christensen &Hymas hopes for the quick recovery of the man involved in this accident. We remind everyone to avoid driving while impaired or distracted. Fatal accidents can happen to anyone, by simply taking your eyes off the road for just a few seconds.

Pedestrians, people inside parked cars and those standing outside their parked-vehicles are also advised to be on the alert for speeding vehicles. Drivers of these vehicles might become distracted and can suddenly veer towards your direction and catch you unaware. This holiday season is a time for many celebrations. We hope that those involved in drinking will designate an alternate driver. Remind your love ones to be responsible drivers and avoid causing pain and injuries to others.

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Original article by ABC News