Dog Bite Attorney Provides 3 Prevention TipsOver a week ago, Deseret News reported on an incident involving a rescued Argentine mastiff that bit a reporter in the face while she was reporting on his rescue.  As the story goes, the mastiff was walking off leash with his owner when a coyote appeared.  The mastiff then chased after the coyote and fell into icy water.  Firefighters came to rescue the dog, over the course of which it was very cooperative.  As the reporter, Kyle Dyer, was reporting on the recently transpired events, she decided to pet the dog and his immediate response was to bite her.  Although Dyer is doing well, she had to be hospitalized.  The dog was impounded and the owner was cited as usual.  In this particular case, hiring a dog bite attorney is probably the single-most important decision this reporter could make.

Dog Bite Accident Book Published By Dog Bite Attorney

Dogs are great animals that provide their owners with amazing companionship and personality; however, dogs can be dangerous.  Despite how nice dogs may be, they still have natural animalistic instincts.  In the case above, this mastiff may have been quite gentle, but with the stress of the situation and the attention thereafter, the dog may have acted out of character.  Regardless, there is no telling how a dog will react, just as it is unlikely to predict the actions of a three year-old.  Protecting yourself from a dog bite is as essential as wearing your seat belt in a vehicle.  The following prevention tips are included for your protection:

  1. Get to know a dog first before petting a dog;
  2. Never provoke a dog; and
  3. Never have direct contact with a dog that has been frightened and does not know you.

The Christensen Law Firm has published a series of accident books.  In the case of a dog bite injury, we have published a book specifically for that sort of incident called The Utah Dog Bite & Attack Handbook.  We are professional legal representatives who are devoted to taking care of you and ensuring outstanding service in helping you gain the compensation you need.  For a free copy of The Utah Dog Bite & Attack Handbook or any other accident book, call us at 1-800 LAW BOOK.