Dog Bite Victim Resources

Working through the repercussions of a dog bite attack can be emotionally and physically stressful for everyone involved. It is important to know that you are not alone. There are several helpful resources you can utilize to help ease the burden you and your family are shouldering. The following is a list of resources that can help you in your recovery.

The Humane Society of the United States – The Humane Society is a great resource for dog bite prevention tips, advice on dog training, and other helpful information for dog owners. In order to make the pet-owning experience enjoyable for everyone, the Humane Society provides a lot of helpful information on their website to educate people on dog attack prevention.

Doggone Safe – This is a nonprofit organization that seeks to reduce dog bites and attacks through education. Their informative website contains articles about dog safety, links to attack prevention programs, and helpful educational tools to teach your child how to prevent dog attacks.

Angel Faces – A nonprofit organization established in 2003, Angel Faces is dedicated to offering support for adolescent girls with facial disfigurements. This organization provides a five-day residential retreat to help young girls cope with grief and trauma, as well as self-esteem and social issues. Angel Faces helps with the healing process, providing girls with the skills they need to help overcome the challenges of facial disfigurement. If your daughter has been bitten in the face, and is suffering from scarring or disfigurement, consider contacting Angel Faces to see how they can help.

About Face – This organization seeks to help people with facial disfigurements by providing peer connections, information, and emotional support. About Face offers educational programs, camps, and adult workshops to change attitudes and provide strong community and familial support to those with facial differences.

National Pain Foundation – Some dog attacks can leave victims in a state of chronic pain. The National Pain Foundation is a valuable resource for dog bite victims who are suffering from chronic pain. This organization provides community information, pain journals, pain therapy techniques, and lists of local pain care providers in your area.

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