car window reflectionA simple property dispute turned ugly as one woman is now on life support. According to the report, Dianna Carlson was driving the car that dragged the Spanish Fork woman, identified as Debbie Butler.

The neighbor who witnessed the incident told media that Dianna Carlson rolled up the window on Debbie Butler’s hand as she was attempting to stop the car from leaving. Allegedly, Carlson then stepped on the gas and dragged Butler along the vehicle. She did not stop and continued going even as Butler fell down and hit her head on the pavement. The trailer that was being towed by Carlson’s vehicle also ran over Mrs. Butler’s head putting her in critical condition and subsequently on life support.

Prior to the accident, the article disclosed that Butler went to confront Carlson on the Butler property and the two women were screaming at each other.

Dianna Carlson is reported to be living with Butler’s husband; the couple is currently separated.

“Mrs. Carlson had been staying at the residence off and on with Mr. Butler,” said Lt. Cody Slaymaker of the Spanish Fork Police Department.

The article also stated that Mrs. Butler called 911 regarding the presence of Dianna Carlson on their property.

The report indicated that Dianna Carlson was named as a hit-and-run driver and was apprehended by the police. She is facing an aggravated assault charge with the possibility of getting a higher charge if her victim dies.

Utah County Prosecutor Craig Johnson describes Mrs. Butler still being alive as a miracle. Johnson asked the judge that no bail should be set for Carlson, for which the judge agreed.

Carlson will appear in court Wednesday at 8:30 a.m., the report added.

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Original article by Gene Kennedy of Fox13

Image courtesy of Andreas