pink_flowers_by_purplestory-d6365ibAnother tragic accident claimed an innocent life this month. A three-month-old baby identified as Dayton Cook died from his injuries Saturday. According to his parents Keelie and Alex Cook, doctors at Primary Children’s Hospital officially declared the child dead around 3:47 p.m. The parents said they are keeping him on life support so they are able donate his organs.

The fatal accident was reported to have happened Friday in the area of 4200 South and State Street. Keeli, Dayton’s mother was reported to be the one driving. The report stated that Keeli saw the white truck from her rear view mirror that seemed to be traveling at a high speed. She said that there was no time to react. This white truck jeep then struck their car from behind with such an impact that sent them spinning out of control.

The force of the impact pushed the backseat to the front seat. The report indicated that the baby was in the backseat but after the rear end collision, the baby’s car seat was lifted up and came up to the shoulder of his parents in upside down position. The parents were hurt and the baby critically injured.

The white truck was a RAV4 and the driver was identified as a 72-year-old man. The accident caused a chain reaction involving three other vehicles while the RAV4 went through a barrier and landed in Big Cottonwood Creek.

The report added that Unified Police are investigating the cause but say the 72-year-old man may have had a medical emergency going on at the time, possibly a seizure. Witnesses to the accidents said that the RAV4 was driving erratically at a high speed. It was disclosed that the driver of the RAV4, who hit the Cooks, was taken to the hospital with chest and back injuries.

Christensen & Hymas offers its condolences to the Cook family for the loss of their infant son. We encourage everyone to drive safely.

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