Trench rescueA man identified as an employee of Whipple Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning was reported to be hurt in a collapsed trench accident. The report indicated that the man was digging a trench in front of a Lehi home for a sewer repair job around 9 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 29.

The report stated that the man finished the task using a back hoe and had secured the side walls of the trench before climbing down to inspect the sewer line.

David Faltsman of Whipple disclosed that a piece of shoring collapsed and failed. The worker then was pinned between two boards and dirt came down over him.

The report said that the construction worker was buried up to his shoulders but was conscious and breathing. Rescue crew arrived on the scene twenty five minutes after and decided to call in Utah County Search and Rescue team to help extricate the man.

The team secured the trench using 5 to 7 strong backs – large boards inserted in the trench. This was to keep it from collapsing and then they used adjustable metal stabilizers to hold the boards in place along the side.

The man was freed from the trench around 10:45 a.m. according to the report. He was airlifted by medical helicopter to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center with severe crush injuries to his lower body. Faltsman said that the rescued worker was in pain, but was coherent when he was taken from the scene.

The man was in his mid-thirties and was not identified. David Faltsman said he was with the company for less than a year but has several years of experience in the industry. Faltsman added that they will finish the sewer work once the federal agency OSHA has cleared the scene for safety.

Christensen & Hymas encourages all workers to be safe in the workplace. We hope for the quick recovery of the injured worker.

Original article by Cathy Allred of Daily Herald

Image not of mentioned accident courtesy of Flickr