Lady walking a dog in a parkWhat started as an ordinary walk with her dog, turned horrifying when two pit bulls attacked a woman and her dog. The woman identified as Cherie Bloom and her dog were injured in the attack. According to the news report, Bloom and her dog were walking along Reid Avenue Monday morning. As they approached Main Street at 5:45 a.m. police authorities said she saw two pit bulls coming their way. When the two pit bulls met them, the two dogs attacked her dog who is a boxer.

The police said the woman was knocked down by the commotion and she was also attacked by the pit bulls. The report added that a resident called 911 after hearing Bloom yell for help.

Fortunately for Cherie Bloom, two Layton residents were driving by and saw the alleged attack. The couple identified as Joel Haro and Darlene Moroncini immediately came to the rescue. They were able to separate the pit bulls from Bloom’s dog.

Layton Police Officer Travis Rapp arrived on the scene and grabbed one of the pit bulls. The second pit bull got away but was located by a Davis County Animal Control officer.

Police disclosed that Animal Control will conduct further investigation regarding the incident and will file appropriate charge against the pit bulls’ owner.

In a separate article, the owner of the pit bull has not yet been identified. The dogs were reported to be roaming the streets without leashes and collars. The dogs are being held for quarantine for ten days and maybe put down if the owner does not claim them.

The report described the attack as so vicious that the woman and her dog suffered significant bite injuries.

Christensen & Hymas appreciates the neighbors who helped Bloom and her dog. If they did not help immediately, Bloom could have suffered even more injuries. We remind all dog owners to be in control of their animals and keep them on leashes at all times. Dogs can often act on instincts and those instincts can sometimes result in serious injury to another person that you would be responsible for.

If you have experienced an incident similar to this one, call us at (801)506-0800, you are entitled to a compensation for your injuries.

Original article by Tiffany DeMasters of Fox 13 and Brian Carlson of ABC4

Image not of woman mentioned courtesy of Gareth Williams