The Subway, ZionA 47 year old woman from Ohio was reported to have fallen in Zion National Park. The woman identified as Cheri Haas was with a group of canyoneers and was already completing the approach hike (measured approximately 2.5 miles) to the Subway. Her companions were behind her when she fell more than 100 feet.

The accident happened at the Left Fork of North Creek, commonly called “The Subway”. This part is considered to be a popular cayoneering route.

According to the news article, the woman’s boyfriend rappelled down to her while her two other companions hiked out to phone for help.

It was disclosed that a helicopter and rescue crew from the Grand Canyon National Park were asked to help in the retrieval operation since the accident site was difficult to access.

Moreover, the report disclosed that this accident is already the second incident in a week’s time involving a park visitor getting too close to a cliff edge, slipping and falling.

The first accident happened on September 2.  A 23-year-old man fell in Belhunin Canyon. The man identified as Clark Proffitt was reported to be wearing a helmet even though he was not rappelling. He is being treated in the Intensive Care Unit of the University Medical Trauma Center in Las Vegas.

Christensen & Hymas encourages everyone to be safe in their hiking and other outdoor activities. Always take extra precaution when you are on the slippery portion of the trail and please do not go near the edge of the cliff. The beauty of nature is truly amazing and the view from the cliff is a feast for our eyes, but it is also a risky place.

Original article by Jenny Eberlein ofABC4

Image courtesy of John Fowler