A woman lost control of her car and ended up on the lawn of a West Valley City home June 21. Police say the woman was driving too fast on Benview Drive, slammed into two parked cars and came to a stop on the lawn. The woman’s car caught fire but a neighbor was able to extinguish the flames. The incident is under investigation.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people are involved in traffic crashes in the state of Utah. Speed played a part in almost one-fifth of Utah car accidents that resulted in deaths, with substance intoxication also playing a part in one-third of the accidents. Other causes of car crashes include poor driving skills, driver distractions, and substandard vehicles. It is estimated that the financial cost of these accidents in America is $230 billion, roughly the cost of constructing 45 airports in China or the US Social Security annual surplus for 2010.

This cost is too large for something that could be prevented by simply obeying the law by following speed limits or exercising common sense and choosing not to drive while under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Americans must choose to exercise more caution in operating motor vehicles, as sadly too many lives are lost each year and too much money is spent due to vehicular negligence.

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