6025148389_7f534819bcDeseret News reported that authorities responded to a fire alarm on a burning single vehicle in a carport. Fire fighters arrived and found that two vehicles were on fire.

Capt. Jason Camp of the Unified Fire Authority disclosed that the carport was threatened by the fire. It was also discovered that the gas lines of both vehicles were severed in the incident. As a result, fire fighters had a hard time putting the fire out because of the gasoline that continued to pour out from the gas lines.

This incident was reported to happen at 4078 South 1300 West last Sunday. Owners of the vehicles were not identified by the authorities.

One person allegedly suffered minor burns. An investigation is on-going on the possible cause of the fire.

Temperatures in Utah are reported to be high and people in the communities are cautioned to be extra careful. Fires are deadly in summer; as vegetation and other wooden materials are extremely dry, it takes only a single spark to start a fire.

As people are taking trips to places, properties and houses must be secured from intruders. Smoke detectors and installed sprinkler systems are big helps in the early detection and prevention of fire. Fire incidents are communal concerns, and neighbors are encouraged to be always on the lookout for unusual circumstances and immediately report to authorities any incident that may threaten lives and properties.

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Original article by Pat Reavy.

Photo courtesy of Alan Stanton.