Another Fatality on I-15: Victim not Wearing Seatbelt

John Porter, 36, of Brigham City, Utah, was killed in a tragic car verses semi-truck accident on Monday afternoon of April 12, 2010. John Porter was traveling northbound in his Dodge Neon when he rear ended a semi truck that was slowing down to exit the freeway. The force of the impact was severe. The freeway was closed for two hours, as emergency crews cleaned up the wreckage.

What Caused this Fatal Car verses Semi-Truck Accident

John Porter was not wearing his seatbelt and suffered massive head injuries upon impact. Utah Highway Patrol spokesman told reporters that Mr. Porter had to be extricated from the wreckage and transported to Ogden Regional Hospital via life flight. Mr. Porter later died at the hospital from the injuries he sustained in this car verses semi accident. Fortunately, the truck driver was not injured in the accident. Citations have not been issued in this tragic Utah car accident.

We send the family members of the victim, John Porter, our deepest condolences as they go through this most difficult time.

Your Best Protection in a Car Crash: Seat Belts

Not only is it Utah Law to wear your safety belt when driving or as a passenger in a vehicle on Utah roads, but it is also the best protection you have when you are involved in an auto accident. Here are a few reasons to wear your safety belts:

  • Protect: Seat belts offer protection by absorbing the force of the crash.
  • Control: Seat belts offer control because they keep you in your seat.
  • Survival: Seat belts increase your chance of survival by 50%