According to  the Tribune, House Majority Whip Greg Hughes, R-Draper, is drafting a bill that may require blood alcohol testing devices to be placed in bars. He describes them as “vending-machine breathalyzers to enable patrons to check their blood alcohol level before leaving the bar.” The report added that Hughes is negotiating whether to make them mandatory for all clubs and bars or to require them only in establishments cited for code violations.

Hughes added that this law would apply only to establishments that primarily serve alcohol and not to restaurants that mainly serve food. The use of the breathalyzers would be voluntary; the laws are intended to help patrons decide if it’s safe to drive home or if they should get an alternate driver or cab.

Hughes stated that bars and clubs are pushing back against the idea of mandatory breathalyzers. He added that he is looking at incentivizing the installation of breathalyzers by lowering fines for establishments that allow them. Another way that has been suggested to encourage their use is to require them only in establishments that have had repeated violations.

Hughes is also finding ways to shield businesses that offer the breathalyzers from liability if someone fails a breathalyzer test, then drives anyway.

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Original article by Lee Davidson of The Salt Lake Tribune