Another bicycle accident rocks Salt Lake City;bike and pedestrian crossing sign known to be a bicycle friendly city. A bicyclist who was hospitalized after sustaining serious injuries from colliding with a vehicle. The accident happened near Liberty Park.

According to the report, the bicyclist was crossing 700 East around 5 p.m. when allegedly he ran the red light causing a car with the right of way to hit him. Lt. Josh Scharman of the Salt Lake City Police Department disclosed that this observation was given by witnesses of the accident. The incident was reported to occur at the intersection of 700 East and 900 South.

The windshield of the car showed visible evidence of the collision with the bicycle. On the other hand, the bicyclist’s shoes and hat were scattered on the street. The biker was described to be in his early 20’s and is reported to be in a local hospital in critical condition.

Lt. Josh Sharman reminded the public that the same traffic rules apply for everyone. Whether one is a motorist or a cyclist, everyone is required to yield to the stop light.

The report stated that it is still not clear if the bicyclist will be issued a traffic citation for the accident.

Christensen & Hymas urges everyone to always adhere to safe driving behavior. Accidents are heart-breaking incidents that can hurt all the parties involved. The traffic light is meant to help everyone take turns in navigating the intersection. Sometimes, even if you have the right of way, it pays to be extra cautious when crossing an intersection. You can never tell when somebody decides to ignore the traffic rules.

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Original article written by Cristina Rendon of ABC4.

Image courtesy of Jason McHuff