broken windowsCurtis G. Ellefsen,and Ricardo David Vega were issued criminal charges Monday, after they went on a BB Gun rampage, shooting out windows in homes and automobiles in the Salt Lake City valley earlier this year.

More than twenty homes and cars were shot in a twenty square mile radius in Kearns, West Valley, and West Jordan affecting hundreds of individuals. Originally, police were having a difficult time tracking the two but were able to apprehend them after an officer  recognized the description provided by the courts.  Upon getting permission to search the car, authorities found BB guns and several jars of BB’s in the back. Both individuals were immediately taken into custody and questioned for property damage.

Both Ellefsen and Vega told the police they did not have anything to do and went out to “have some fun.” Their primary motive was to shoot out some windows of an individual they did not like.  When they could not find the individuals house they started shooting at the surrounding area including houses and cars- parked in driveways and on the street.

Upon, further questioning; Ellefsen also confessed to shooting nearly 50 vehicles in Magna with some other friends earlier in the year.  Police arrested these four individuals, all of which were juveniles.

Damages to the windows were quite expensive, ranging from a couple hundred of dollars to a couple thousand per window.

The court officially charged the individuals with 21 counts of criminal mischief, one second degree felony, 10 third-degree felonies, and 10 class A misdemeanors.

This particular story is quite scary because of the sheer recklessness of the individuals involved. Christensen & Hymas advocates all individuals to be safe and use prudent judgment both in their everyday lives and their interactions with those around them.  Negligence can cause significant damages to other individuals and even cause severe damages to other people’s lives.

Image and article courtesy of KSL.