Barn fireA story brought to you by abc4 news brings news of a fire in Utah County that killed  4 horses and 13 goats.

The family was outside with their animals with a small fire in a 50 gallon drum to keep them warm. Fire officials believe that when they left, the wind picked up, and an ember was carried to the barn.

One of the animal owners, Jorge Rubio said, “The fire that was here was contained. It wasn’t even a lot.” But it was enough to trap the animals, and when the fire started, no one was around to save them.

Rubio said, “It’s everything for us. This is basically our life, our horses.” He further explained how the farm was owned as a family; they owned the horses all for the kids. a devastating loss for the kids as well as the farm owners as well. “We love our horses and it’s just so hard to see them down there dead.” Along with the animals being killed, the barn was partially destroyed, and most of the animal feed gone completely. The family will have to rebuild a great deal. Abc news has a phone number to call if you are interested in helping the family: 801-372-1621.

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Image courtesy of James Hoffman