snowy_conditionsBecause the bad winter weather is seemingly easing up, drivers are getting less cautious about road conditions. In Utah, while it seems the worst is over, we are not quite in the clear. Even when it does not look like snowy or icy roads, there are still frequently scattered snow showers throughout the night, which cause concern for black ice.

UDOT representatives hope that drivers don’t let their guard down because of the mild storms we’ve been having lately.

Here are a few reminders for driving on ice: (Brought to you by

  • Make sure your tires have enough grip. Ultrahigh-performance “summer” tires have little or no grip in snow. Check with your tire manufacturer that your tires are equipped for Utah ¬†snow or ice.
  • Make sure you can see. Visibility is extremely important. If you don’t have anti-freeze, run your air-conditioner to remove condensation and frost from the interior of windows.
  • Check your lights. Make sure your lights are bright enough that another car could see you coming because of your headlights.
  • Watch carefully for “black ice.” Nearly transparent, this ice can be extremely dangerous. Test out your traction by slight brake or slight turn when the road looks slick at all.
  • Avoid rear-tire slides. A car built in 2012 will have mandatory electronic stability control. But if your car does not have ESC, when you buy winter tires, buy four.

From all of us at Christensen & Hymas, keep yourself safe on those dangerous winter roads, even though it may seem clear, stay aware!