Stephen CoveyProminent author and motivational speaker Stephen Covey was injured in a bicycling accident last week in Provo, Utah. Covey was riding through the steep foothills of this university town south of Salt Lake City when he took a corner too fast and fell off his bike, striking his head and going unconsciousness. Covey was sent to the hospital, where he has since responded to family members. There is some bleeding on the frontal lobe of his brain, which is being monitored and will determine the extent and severity of his injuries.  No other persons or vehicles were involved in the incident.

The Christensen Law Firm wishes a speedy and full recovery to Mr. Covey, who has had a positive influence in Utah for generations, and we hope for many more years to come.

An Ounce of Prevention….

Covey’s publicist is quoted as saying “He was wearing a helmet, which is good news.” Not only is this “good news”, but wearing a helmet quite possibly saved his life. While not mandatory for cyclists in Utah, wearing a helmet often makes the difference between a goose egg on the head, as in Covey’s case, and permanent brain injury or worse.

Brain injuries in Utah occur too often, many of which are preventable. As personal injury lawyers in Utah, we encourage you strongly to take your safety into your own hands and, like Stephen Covey, wear a helmet. If you or a loved one have been involved in a similar accident as the one above, and despite your precautions still find yourself injured, call us today at (801) 506-0800 to speak with an attorney that cares.