Truck collision in West JordanIn West Jordan, a man is currently hospitalized and facing numerous charges by the state. 30-year-old  Tyler Jones, of Taylorsville, is charged with running a red light, having improper plates on the vehicle he was driving, driving without insurance, driving on a suspended license, driving under the influence, and fleeing the scene.

A lifted Ford F-350, driven by Jones, was initially involved in a collision near 7800 S  and Redwood Road, then sped off headed north. West Jordan Police Sgt. Rich Bell said, “According to witnesses, he was traveling at extremely high rates of speed. They’re saying 80 or 90 mph.”

Afterward, Jones proceeded to run a red light, and T-boned a car headed west through the intersection. Those passengers received injuries, but none life-threatening. Cars nearby were hit by flying glass and debris.

According to police, Jones attempted to flee on foot, but was seized by a West Jordan police officer and an off-duty officer.

Witness Andrew McEuen, who was stopped at the light on Redwood Road, watched the whole accident unfold before them. He said, “When I saw (the truck), it was coming off the vehicle, heading toward us. It was a terrible accident, for sure.”

McEuen also watched the driver of the truck (Jones) try to flee on foot. McEuen said that he looked confused and kept changing directions.

Thank goodness no victims died due to this man’s carelessness and disregard for the law. However, there will still be extreme emotional, legal, and financial consequences for all involved. If you have been in an accident similar, and perhaps need legal representation call the hit-and-run accident attorneys at Christensen & Hymas for a free consultation: 801-506-0800.