jail cellIt was reported that Ramiro Serrano Hernandez of Pleasant Grove was booked in Utah County Jail for allegedly killing Ashlee Zimmer in a hit-and-run accident early Sunday morning.

He is being held for investigation of automobile homicide, driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident.

According to the article, Ashlee Zimmer was sitting on the curb across from her home when she was struck by a Jeep Cherokee at 844 N. 100 West at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday. She was actually sitting behind her husband’s car. She died from her injuries after being transported to a nearby hospital.

Orem Police Lt. Craig Martinez said that Hernandez was jailed after a police dog found him several blocks away hiding behind a dumpster.

Hernandez was reported to have come from a wedding and was allegedly causing trouble. He was also drinking. The vehicle driven by Hernandez was heading north on 100 West. It had crossed the road, before clipping the parked car and hitting Zimmer. Then the car crashed into the back of a building. Martinez said the driver tried to back up and then hit the building again.

Zimmer’s husband, who was inside their house, ran outside after hearing the crash and found his wife pinned under the car.

Martinez said that the couple had been married about four months and Zimmer was beginning a career in cosmetology.
It was also learned that although Hernandez had alcohol-related charges in the past, he had a valid driver privilege card. Martinez added that lots of lives were changed because somebody decided to get behind the wheel drunk.

Christensen & Hymas offers condolences to the bereaved Zimmer family. We believe that some accidents can be avoided by using proper choices and obeying traffic rules. We also advocate safety for motorists that include avoidance of driving under the influence.

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Original article by Lisa Riley Roche and Sandra Yi of ksl.com.

Photo courtesy of Mike Cogh.