A train-truck collision now has an after-math that crosses state lines after Stephen Shirley filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the John Davis Trucking Company. The driver of a truck collided with the Amtrak train at a Nevada intersection, causing six deaths and the injury of at least 20 other people. Seven civil cases have been filed agains the trucking company. On August 2, the John Davis Trucking Company launched a counter-lawsuit against Amtrak claiming that the company failed to maintain a safe railroad crossing. Though the crash actually occurred in Nevada, Stephen Shirley, a Utah citizen, is suing for damages caused by his 37-year old wife’s death.

An Advocate

In a situation where there is so much at stake, a private citizen’s interests can easily be lost. The lawsuits between Amtrak and the trucking company have garnered much publicity and will likely involve lengthy trials. During this time, individuals like Stephen Shirley and the other families who lost loved ones to the horrific accident are left to attend to the funeral expenses, medical expenses, and emotional turmoil of life without a loved one. In a situation like this, a victim needs an advocate.

Wrongful Death Attorneys

The wrongful death lawyers of the Christensen Law Firm are known for being tough with offenders and compassionate with clients. They understand what it is like to go through the convoluted and frustrating legal process while grieving for the loss of a loved one. These lawyers will stop at nothing to achieve the best possible outcome for your case and for your family.

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